9 tricks for a sustainable kitchen


A sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen can be a great way to make your contribution to the environment. We’ll show you 9 tricks for a sustainable kitchen

Today we are more aware of our responsibility towards our planet and how careful we need to be about the use of energy and water to help both the environment and our economy.

Change starts at the home, so we present 9 tricks for transforming your kitchen to be more sustainable and eco-friendly.

1. Use an Old Lounger

The best way to make your kitchen look old-fashioned is to give a second life to old furniture.

There are many ways to recycle vintage and professional furniture that can make a difference. Before throwing them away, we recommend that you see if the replacement can be turned into a new and unique piece.

It’s a way to make the most of classic, old-fashioned furniture that new chairs can’t afford.

2. Recycle Waste

Many people underestimate recycling, but we encourage you to put it into practice.

If you want to create an eco-friendly kitchen, a separate trash can is a great initiative and a step in the right direction.

There are types of waste to segregate plastic waste, paper, glass, organic waste and others.

Currently, there are furniture designed to classify waste that can be too beautiful for your decor.

3. Move the refrigerator away from the oven and microwave

Proper arrangement of your appliances can be of great help in an ecological kitchen when it comes to saving energy.

By isolating the refrigerator from or near an oven that produces heat, it will use less energy to maintain a lower temperature, so it’s important to keep that in mind.

4. Switch on Induction Hobs

When choosing the type of kitchen we want, it is important that you take into account the consumption that is involved.

Gas and glass-ceramic stoves consume much more than stoves with induction plates, and they come on only when a pan or pot is placed on them.

5. Ecological Kitchenware

Kitchenware is an extremely important part of our kitchen, so we recommend ecological kitchenware. If we want to maintain an ecological and sustainable kitchen style, we must be aware of the type of materials we choose for our kitchenware.

First, plastics are a huge no-no, there are many materials that are much easier to break down than plastics that can be contaminated for years.

We recommend choosing materials such as organic cotton for aprons and clothes, cedar or other resistant wood for cutting boards and kitchen utensils.

Other eco-friendly materials are carbon steel for knives and cutlery, and vegetable cellulose for cleaning utensils.

6. Reuse Bottles

Bottles have a much longer life span than we think and it is better to use and reuse them to adopt a sustainable lifestyle.

We recommend using non-toxic glass bottles that can be easily reused multiple times.

7. Storage Faucet

Water is one of the most precious liquids and we must work together to save it. We can replace the taps in our kitchen so that they can reduce the flow of water and thus save.

Another option we offer you is to incorporate faucet aerators, they reduce the flow by increasing the amount of air at the faucet outlet.

Faucet with aerator remains efficient in use, but we also save and maintain an eco-friendly kitchen.

8. Device A+++

Energy saving is central to an ecological kitchen, which is why we have to take into account all the sources of consumption that we use.

Appliances are graded with energy labels from G to A, with A being the best, most economical and energy efficient and green.

Appliances need to be economical and the best way to achieve this is to buy devices with an A+++ rating, these are the most efficient in energy savings.

So don’t think twice and look for that green label!

9. Lighting

LED bulbs and efficient light sources can help reduce the amount of electricity we use by up to 85%.

These are some of the 9 tricks for sustainable kitchen. You can also check out how to decorate innovatively with stripes.


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