31 ideas for arranging a small bedroom efficiently


Nowadays, spaces are designed with a maximum number of bedrooms even if the sizes are small. And sometimes you end up having the smallest room in the house because other bigger rooms have been taken by others. Whatever be the reason, arranging a small bedroom according to its requirement is quite a task.

Here are some amazing tips and ideas for you by which you can organize a small space with beauty and maximum utility.

1. Use multi-purpose decor

Try picking furniture that will do double duty. Like a study table will also work as storage with drawers that will help you keep your clothes.

 A small table that might work as your dresser and at the same time extends and becomes your side table. Pick furniture strategically.

2.Bring in maximum light in your small bedroom

Since it’s a small bedroom, light makes the place look bigger. And nothing is more beautiful than natural light. Have big windows and allow as much light as possible in the room. It will purify the air, as well as the room, will look bigger in size.

3. Go for lighter colors

White is the best color for a small space. It enhances the space and it does not look small. You can even use lighter shade colors that will fit your furniture’s theme.

All white is also an amazing way to design small spaces.

4.Try creating illusions

Illusions always fascinate us, doesn’t it? This time it will help in designing the room as well. You can have illusioned wallpaper in the accent wall of the room to make the room look bigger.

Like, wallpaper of bookshelf or frame inside a framed wallpaper or any illusion that will not let your head spin.

5. Mount the lamps

Since we are in shortage of space, using vertical spaces as well will be a good way. Mount the lamps and study lamps on the wall wherever it is required. That will solve the problem of having a place to keep the lamps.

6. Use Double duty beds

Beds are the furniture that takes the maximum amount of space in a room. But mostly we need it at night or whenever we sleep. So, why not go for a day bed that can be used as a day bed for seating in the morning and extended whenever we want to sleep.

This will save a lot of space in the room where you can use the floor to do your others works like crafts, etc.

7. Use the space under the bed

The bed does have a lot of space under it. So, why not use it as storage! It will help in organizing your things as well and keep the room look clean.

You can custom design or buy a bed with drawers. It will solve the problem of storage and also looks pretty.

8. Utilize the negative space

We often leave the side corners of the rooms unused which end up having dirt and spider webs.

Using them as shelves can solve two problems at one time. It will beautify the room and there won’t be dirty corners in the room.

9. Floor-length curtains

Curtains play a vital role when it comes to small spaces. Putting a full-length curtain will make the room look bigger as one won’t be able to estimate the height of the room.

Curtains must be light and breezy. Having a heavy curtain will create a sense of opaqueness to the room and that’s just the opposite of what we want. It is also difficult to maintain a heavy curtain.

10. Add atleast one mirror

As we all know having reflective surfaces in a small space makes it look bigger. In the same way, have at least one big mirror in the room that will enhance the size of the room and you can decorate it with fairy lights as well. Trust me it looks beautiful.

11. Go creative with side tables in your small bedroom

Having a side table along with a big bed might not be a good idea for a small room. So, either you can completely remove them or you can be creative with them like make a table with the help of your heap of books.

There will also be a place for the books and it will look funky at the same time. You can also have floating boards mounted on the wall that can be used as a side table.

12. cozy rugs in your small bedroom

Rugs make the room look cozy and at the same time demarcate a particular place. Large rugs in a small room combine with the scale of the room and give an elegant look.

13. Floating shelves always works in a small bedroom

Floating shelves looks interesting as it floats and you will also get a lot of storage. Walls that is hardly used can be used by incorporating floating shelves that can also be decorated with flower vases and accessories.

14.Add greenary

One might think that as it’s a small room, adding plants might be a risk. But let me tell you adding greenery in the room, makes the room alive. You actually feel cozy and at home. So, big space or small space, plants are always welcome.

Having one’s own garden is always makes these things easier.

15. Small wall hangings

In a small room, Scale plays a very important part. So, on the walls of a small room, try having small paintings and wall hangings. They can definitely be more than one but the size of the painting matters because that makes the wall looks longer and cleaner.

16. Small headboard

In the interiors of a bedroom, headboards are the one that actually brings a mood to the whole look of the room.

For a small bedroom also, the same principle works. Having a small headboard will leave the wall clear which will give a clean look to the room and it will look bigger.

17. Use foldable furnitures

One must be very careful while choosing furniture for a small space. And for that foldable furniture are the best.

As one can use it whenever it is required else it can be folded and kept on the back of the door or under the bed or any corner. Foldable furniture allows using the space multi-functionally.

18. Use the floor as much as possible

Try to be as grounded as possible. You can keep your things on the ground that will save the storage space and also give the room a funky and grounded look.

19. Shrink the bed

Since the bed is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom and also the biggest one in size so for a small room, a smaller bed will be a perfect idea.

Shrinking the bed by a few inches can give you a lot of space to utilize in the room.

20. Use fewer furniture in a small bedroom

You have to be a minimalist while designing a smaller space. Work according to the necessity. An excessive number of furniture will give an untidy look even if you organize it with utmost creativity. So, a minimum number of furniture is the best option.

21. Have layered linen

Linens are equally important in interior design as a bed is. In a small space having layered linen will, first of all, make the room look cozy and fluffy, and secondly layering is adding depth to the room which should be specially done in a small space.

22. Keep an eye on the scale

As I said earlier, Scale plays a vital role in designing the interiors of a small space. So, when you create a combination of big and small things together it gives the perfect look for the space. So, while choosing lamps, paintings, accessories, always think about the scale of it in accordance with the room.

23. Furniture whose foot is visible

Choose furniture whose foot is visible. It gives a sense of clarity to the space which looks good in a small space. This idea works for all areas of your home. You can also checkout how you can design your living room and kitchen on your own.

24. Use slimmer stuff

Try to go for slimmer and sleek furniture as it looks light and also it’s easy to move. For small spaces, heavy furniture makes the place looks crowded. Try avoiding that.

25. Divide spaces

If you divide a space, it looks bigger.

You can divide the sleeping area or a cozy seating with a thin curtain that will make the rest of the part look bigger because the remaining part can be now completely used as a multi-purpose area or anything else.

26. Surfaces must get to work

All the horizontal surfaces must be used in one way or the other. You can use your study table for study purposes and also as a dresser with shelves.

You can also use it as your home office. If you are facing any trouble organizing your home office, check this out. You can also make multiple shelves and decorate them with plants and books.

27. Simplicity is the best policy

There is no need for any kind of creativity in the layout of the room. The room should be arranged as simple as possible with a minimum number of furniture and just the number of light fixtures that are necessary. There should not be any big vase or any big sculpture in the room.

28. Dark does help

It is always said that dark colors make the room look smaller but actually a dark-colored accent wall can also bring depth to the room and it actually works really well. So, you can definitely try a dark color if you like bright colors.

29. Add colors with accessories

While choosing accessories, you can go for color pop-ups in them to give a texture to the room. A combination of light colors and bright color pops makes the room look really interesting. So,  there are no worries if you like a blue vase or a pink pillow. Just go for it.

30. Don’t clutter things

In bigger rooms, if your room is not properly organized, it is not much of a problem. But if there is clutter in a small room, then the whole room becomes a mess and rather it looks like a storeroom.

So, it’s always important to maintain beauty. Avoid clutter in the room and try keeping it clean, then you will love your room even more.

31. Go big

Going big in a small space is a bit of an oxymoron thing, isn’t it? But you can actually go for a big, unique, and interesting chandelier that will enhance the beauty of the room. Go for it and comment me whether it worked or not.

With these tips and ideas, I hope you will be able to arrange and organize your small space beautifully. You can always comment if you have any queries regarding home decor.

Happy Designing!!

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